Spot creation

Go to the Spot tab and click Create button:

So let's check the configuration fields:

Spot name - the name of your spot.

Select a traffic source - select an existing traffic source from the list. You need to add and configure it in the Traffic Sources tab, before configuring a campaign.

Work group - select a work group. Your workspace owner needs to add and configure it in the Workspace Settings, before configuring a spot.

Domain - you need to select a domain for your track links. To add a domain go to the Setting-Domain and add one.

Campaigns in rotation - the list of campaigns, that will be shown in that spot on the publisher's website.

Cost Model - there are 3 types of cost model:

  1. integration - this type is used to receive costs data from Integrated Traffic Source

When all fields are configured, click Next button to go to the next step.

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