Account owner - the workspace creator with an administrative role in the account. Admin’s permissions are:

  • Specifying Workspaces

  • Specifying Billing

  • Assigning users to Work groups

  • Unlimited access to statistics

Active/Archive buttons - the base control elements, that allows users to stop/start campaigns and its components.

Ad server - in Trackwill it is a smart solution, that allows users to create campaigns by using banners and iframe codes, that need to be added on the publisher's side. This functionality allows you to work directly with publishers and host your creatives on Trackwill side.

Advertiser - a customer, who provides affiliate network offers.

Affiliate Marketing - it is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing channels.

Affiliate Network - a company that acts as an intermediary between partners (affiliates) and advertisers (advertisers).


Banner - is a form of advertising on the WWW delivered by an ad server.


Campaign - is a major component, that includes traffic distribution rules with detailed targeting rules and interaction between other components such as: landers, offers, banners, traffic sourсes, and affiliate networks. There are 2 types of campaigns in Trackwill: Tracker and Adserver Campaign.

Campaign component - it is a part of the advertising campaign in Trackwill: landers, offers, banners, traffic sourсes, and affiliate networks.

Conversion Cap - with this feature you are able to restrict a daily number of conversions for the offer and then redirect traffic to another one when the limit is over

Conversion Flow - it is a combination of a set of campaign components, rules, and the order of the distribution of traffic.

Cost Model - one of the existing cost models in Trackwill: Cost-per-mille (CPM), Cost-per-click (CPC), and an Auto option.

Custom conversions - with this feature you are able to get various data to Trackwill from Traffic Sources

Custom metrics - using this feature you are able to specify a formula for a new column in Trackwill tables.


Dashboard - it is a "welcome" page in Trackwill Workspace, that gives you a quick overview of your campaign's performance. Elements displayed on this page cannot be modified or edited.


Flow - it is a saved template of campaign, that includes traffic distribution rules with detailed targeting rules and interaction between other components such as: landers, offers, banners, traffic sourсes, and affiliate networks. You can use this template in several campaigns.


Integration data - it is a data, that used to set up API integration with Traffic Source (API key, Login, Password etc)

Integrated Traffic Source - a Traffic Source, that has an API integration with Trackwill. That feature allows you to get costs data from ad network to tracker.


Landers - is a web page, that contains CTA link / button to an offer or offers.

LP protect - it is a feature that protects landing from direct entry.


Offers - it is an affiliate network campaign. Each offer has its own page (landing page), conversion flow, cost per lead, accepted countries, and other traffic restrictions, such as OS, browsers, device types, etc.


Postback - is a system of passing conversions from an affiliate network to a tracker, which allows you to find out which channel or segment of traffic is the most profitable, which ads work best, and other information by which campaigns are optimized.

Path - the set of campaign components and/or audience target settings. There are 2 types of traffic distribution paths - Rule-Based and Default paths.


Reports - is a Trackwill module, that allows you to work with statistics more effectively.


Spot - is an advertising placement on the publisher's website, where banner ads from tracker campaigns will be displayed. Each spot broadcasts several campaigns.


Track link - is a link that generates after the campaign is saved. This link leads to the campaign in the tracker.

Traffic source - is an object, that generates user traffic you can use in your campaign funnel. This includes publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, etc.


User - any person who has access to Trackwill. It can be an Account Owner, Admin, or Worker.

User Group - determines which campaign components and campaigns themselves are available for viewing and editing for each user or group of users.

Daily costs - is a feature that allows you to view, edit, and update your expenses daily in calendar mode.


Workspace - is a "personal space", where users can customize ad campaigns, create campaign components, work with reports, adserver etc. For each workspace, users need to bind a credit card and select a required plan. Each user is able to create several workspaces.

Workgroup - a feature that allows users to separate campaign components from each other and assign them to different users for easier work management.

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