This guide instructs you how to use General Campaing tab

Go to the Campaign tab and click Create button:

The first step is to configure the General tab. So let's check the configuration fields:

Campaign name - the name of your campaign.

Select a traffic source - select an existing traffic source from the list. You need to add and configure it in the Traffic Sources tab, before configuring a campaign.

Work group - select a work group. Your workspace owner needs to add and configure it in the Workspace Settings, before configuring a campaign.

Domain - you need to select a domain for your track links. To add a domain go to the Setting-Domain and add one.

Cost Model - there are 3 types of cost model:

  1. integration - this type is used to receive costs data from Integrated Traffic Source

Postback URL - is used to send conversions to the source or any additional services. Insert S2S postback link in the field. By default, the postbacks of the Advanced settings are working if you configured them.

Via S2S you can send the following parameters from the tracker:

You can click on the token buttons under the URL input field and the parameter along with the token will automatically be added to the URL. When you click this button again, the parameter with the token will be removed from the URL.

When all fields are configured, click Next button to go to the next step.

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