Adxad as a Traffic Source

In this guide we will show you how to set up Integrated Traffic Source in several steps in Trackwill on ADXAD example

Before you start

Before you start setting up an integration with ADXAD in Trackwill, make sure that you already have:

  • An active Trackwill account;

  • An active ADXAD account with some funds added;

  • An active campaign in ADXAD;

  • API key to your account in ADXAD DSP. Contact ADXAD personal manager to get it.

Without these things you will not be able to get costs from ADXAD to Trackwill.

How to start getting costs data from ADXAD?

Step 1. Create ADxAD as a traffic source in Trackwill

To add ADXAD as a traffic source open the "Traffic sources" page and click Create button:

Then select ADXAD from trusted traffic sources list. All listed sources here are with API integration:

After that set Workgroup=Public, and ADXAD postback URL and macros will be automatically available in the traffic source template. Вy default, tracker creates a base token set for each selected integrated network from a template. To pass various user data from ADXAD to Trackwill you need to configure tokens.

Step 2. Set up a connection to your account in the ADXAD

In order to be able to connect to ADXAD via API and start receiving costs data in the tracker, you must enter your credentials to your account in ADXAD. To do this go to Settings/Integrations:

Click Create button and select ADXAD (buying):

Then enter your API Integration key from ADXAD and save it:

Step 3. Start a campaign with Integrated Traffic Source

Go to the Campaigns tab and click Create button. Fill General form, select ADXAD as a traffic source to this campaign, set Cost model=integration, and select your API Integration Account:

Then fill the Destination tab: Rules, Paths, Lander, Offers, and click Save button.

Your track-link will be generated automatically after saving the campaign. You can remove unnecessary macros from the link, if you like. The only required conversion tracking parameter is external_id. Copy this link from the tracker interface.

Trackwill postback link example is:{sub1}&payout={sum}&type=join

How to get data from macros to the tracker?

The Advanced parameters allow you to pass additional visit characteristics from the traffic source platform, for example, impessionid or userID, that can be then used for targeting and optimization. All of them are automatically appended to the Campaign URL. Also, you can dynamically tune advanced parameters by using blue switches on the right side of the Traffic Source creation popup:

Selected tokens will be availaible after saving the campaing in the tracklink, for example:

That means, that you can pass any user data you like and track it on the Reports page in CV1-CV10 fields.

How to pass conversions to ADXAD DSP?

Postback URL - is used to send conversions to the source or any additional services. You can specify postbacks at the:

  • Traffic source creation page. By default, always sends conversions on this postback, regardless of whether other postbacks are specified;

  • General tab at the campaign creation page. If it is specified, always sends conversions on this postback, regardless of whether other postbacks are specified;

  • Advanced settings at the campaign creation page. By default, these postbacks are working if you configured them instead of postback in the General tab.

Please note that the tracker with a postback in the traffic source settings sends conversions for all campaigns at once. If you need to send conversions only for a specific campaign, use the S2S postback in its settings.

To pass conversions from Trackwill to ADXAD DSP you need to use the following postback:

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