Simple offer creation

This guide instructs you how to add the simplest version of the offer to Trackwill, without payout and conversion caps configuration

Before you start adding the offer to Trackwill, you need to have the offer URL accessible for quick reference.

To add the offer to the Trackwill platform, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Offers tab

  2. And click Create button

In the Offer Creation popup you need to:

  1. Set offer name;

  2. Set workgroup;

  3. Set offer URL.

Trackwill note: Without thouse 3 simple steps you will not be able to save an offer in Trackwill.

URL and Available tokens to use

In the offer URL, you can use tokens. For example, the {} token passes the campaign id. Thus, if the advertiser is not satisfied with the quality of the traffic, he can tell you which campaign the "bad" traffic is coming from.

Be sure to add the {} token, otherwise on the network all conversions will be with an empty clickid and Postback will not return to the tracker, so you won’t have conversions. For example, your link to the offer URL will look like:{} . You can click on the token buttons under the URL input field and the parameter along with the token will automatically be added to the URL. When you click this button again, the parameter with the token will be removed from the URL.

Affiliate network templates

You can configure tokens for a group of offers by using Affiliate network - in this case, you do not need to manually enter tokens for each offer from one affiliate network. Before use this feature you need to create Affiliate Network template first. Go to the appropriate section of the document to learn how to do this.

When the offer configuration is done click Save button.

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