Settings and LP protect

At this page you can:

  1. Configure you workspace start page

  2. Copy your LP protect code

Default home screen

You can edit your start page when you log in to the workspace. The dashboard is checked by default. To change it check another radio button:

After that when you will go to your workspace main page you will see the campaigns page first:

LP protect

Trackwill has the ability to protect landing pages from direct entry. For protection, checking the time difference between the passage of a click through the tracker and the opening of the landing is used. If there is a sufficiently long time between these events (5 minutes by default), then a blank page opens instead of a landing page. It also checks for IP and User-agent compliance.

To use LP protect perform these few steps:

  1. Copy LP protect;

  2. Insert at the beginning of your landing HTML code. (Your landing file must be .php);

  3. Go to the landers settings and add the LP Key token to the URL to transfer the key to the landing page;

  4. Click Save button;

Now your landing page will not be able to open if there was no transition through the Campaign URL.

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