Rule-based paths & Default paths

Before you start

Before you start make sure that you already have:

  • Active landers/offers/banners, that are available in Trackwill;

  • A filled General Tab at campaign settings;

Without these things you will not be able to set up rules at your campaign in Trackwill.

How to set up and use rule-based and default paths?

Step 1. Add a rule-based paths

In the Rules-based paths section in a campaign creation form or in a flow, you can define paths where the traffic is targeted within defined constraints. Use Rule-based paths if you want to make traffic segmentation and target your audience by geo, language, ip, isp, mobile carrier etc. You can use either only the default path or rule-based paths and default paths at the same time. The maximum amount of rules per campaign - 150. Adding a rule-based path is optional.

To make rules for traffic distribution go to the campaign destination tab and click on the plus next to the "Rule-based paths" label:

Then click on the rule area to open the details:

Step 2. Add conditions

Set the Rule name to track statistics by this rule at the Reports Page. At the Conditions zone you can make any target setting you like for the traffic flow. For example:

Step 3. Add a path

After that, you need to define the path that the rule will be applied to:

In the Rule-based paths section click the New path subsection to see the path's details that show up on the right-hand side.

Provide a name in the Path name field:

Then you need to define which offers and/or landers/or banners should fulfill the added requirement before getting displayed for your target audience. You need to define at least one offer while adding the rule-based path.

  • Offers - at least one active offer is required to add a rule-based path, but, you might add up to 20 offers to one individual path in the flow. If you need to add more paths, just simply duplicate the created path and add the offers there. When you select the Direct linking checkbox, the path will only include offers – all landers will be excluded. It is used to switch a path’s setup to include/exclude landing pages.

  • Landers - obviously, you might also select landers to distribute your traffic, however those landing pages need to be defined beforehand. In other words, it means that the landing pages with adequate links to the offers (called click URLs/ multi-offer click URLs in Voluum) need to be set before starting creating the campaign entity. At that moment, you can only add the lander entity to Voluum, meaning such pages exist and visitors should be redirected through them.

  • Banners - available only if you tuning adserver campaign. If you use Adserver campaigns you might also select banners to distribute your traffic between them.

To add the offer/lander/banner, hover over the Select offer (Select lander) section and select the entity from the drop-down list and rotation type:

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