This guide instructs you how to use Destination Campaing tab

At this step, we are setting up rules, targets etc, which are used to manage traffic streams. Let's check out the settings:

Campaign destination

Flows - is a campaign component and, in fact, a path template in Trackwill that will help you if you often use the same path in your campaigns. While using a flow you have to keep in mind that providing changes to a flow setup will affect all campaigns where this flow is used. Or you can just convert it to simple paths - then you can edit it as you like without consequences.

Paths - you can set up a Rule-based paths and/or just Default paths that will be used in this campaign only. A various path defines how visitors are directed to their destination.

URL - enables you to track the campaign directly within the campaign URL with the Direct URL option.

Default redirect mode

302 - This is a default option. This is a standard temporary HTTP redirect that sends a visitor directly to the promoted offer. The referrer data is passed to the campaign endpoint.

Meta refresh - before going to the new destination the browser starts loading the page - it will load only the head, not the body of the page. The browser will refresh and load a new URL In the tag <head> of the HTML page. The referrer data is hidden with this mode selected.

Double meta refresh - Double meta refresh is a meta refresh, but performed twice. This is the most reliable redirect mode to ensure that the referrer data is not leaked to the owner of the offer, usually an affiliate network. It might be also the slowest one because of this double redirect.

Rule-based and Default paths

Trackwill has 2 types of traffic distribution paths - Rule-Based and Default. Use Rule-based paths if you want to make traffic segmentation and target your audience by geo, language, ip, isp, mobile carrier etc. You can use either only the default path, or rule-based paths and default paths at the same time.

When all fields are configured, click Next button to set up postbacks in Advanced settings or click Save button to run your campaign.

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