How to start a campaign in Trackwill? Quick tutorial

Before we start this guide, the very minimum you should have:

  1. A link to an offer or group of offers that you have selected in the affiliate network / networks or directly from the advertiser

  2. Understanding which traffic network you are working with, and the set of settings that is necessary for comfortable and productive work

In this guide, we will not concentrate on the details, we will describe only the most basic things necessary to create a first campaign in our service.


To start work in TRACKWILL and run your first campaign you need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Register by using your email address and providing a password

  • Create Workspace

  • Create and configure Traffic source

  • Create and configure Offers

  • Create and configure a Campaign

Step 1. Register

To make a registration you need to go to and click the Register button:

Then fill out the fields Email and Password, mark "I agree with terms and conditions and privacy policy" checkbox, and click the Continue button.

After that, you need to check your Email and confirm account creation by clicking on Verify your Email. Then you will get to the Workspace creation page .

Step 2. Workspace creation

Workspace in Trackwill - is a "personal space", where users can customize ad campaigns, create campaign components, work with reports, adserver etc. For each workspace, users need to bind a credit card and select a required plan. Each user is able to create several workspaces. So, let's create your first Workspace by clicking on the appropriate button:

Then set Workspace name and click Create button:

As you see, our workspace created with a 14-days trial tariff automatically. You don't need to attach your credit card at this step, so you can try Trackwill for free. You can change your plan after entering the workspace. To start working Launch your workspace:

After that you will see the Workspace Dashboard with quick reports and charts:

Step 3. Traffic Source creation

At this step, we need to create one of the most important campaign components - Traffic Source. Without this step you will not be able to save your ad campaign. The main idea is to start getting costs and other data in Trackwill from traffic network you use. So, go to the Traffic Network tab and click Create button.

Then you will see the Traffic source popup. If you will select a traffic source from the list, you will need to configure API integration. In this guide, we choose the Custom template and skip the integration setup. Then fill out Traffic Source name, Workgroup=Public, and other data if you need in the next tab and click Save button:

Step 4. Offer creation

Without this step you will not be able to save your ad campaign. You need to add offer links to Trackwill admin panel and save them. To do this go to the Offers tab and click the Create button, you will see Offers creation popup:

Then fill out Offer name, Workgroup=Public, Offer URL, and other data if you need and click Save button.

Step 5. Campaign creation

When all other steps completed, you are able to create and run an ad campaign. Go to the Campaign tab and click Create button. In General tab fill out Campaign Name, Traffic source, Work group=Personal, and any other data if you need and click Next button:

Tracker has 2 types of traffic distribution paths - Rule-Based and Default. Use Rule-based paths if you want to make traffic segmentation and target your audience by geo, language, ip, isp, mobile carrier etc. You can use either only the default path, or rule-based paths and default paths at the same time. In this guide, we will use only Default paths. So, click on Default paths, switch on Direct linking, select your offer, set weights and other data you need, and click Save button:

Congratulations! You've just set up and run your first ad campaign in TRACKWILL!

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