Workgroup - a feature that allows users to separate campaign components from each other and assign them to different users for easier work management. There are 3 types of workgroup:

  1. Public - available by default. Each user falls into this group and he cannot be removed from here. All campaign components created in Public group are shared with all users in workspace. Except for the campaigns themselves - they can only be created at custom or private workgroup.

  2. Private - an individual group that creates when the user is invited to workspace. Optional function.

  3. Custom - a group, that created by the workspace owner.

To create a custom group perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings - Groups

  2. Click Create button

Then fill out all the fields:

  1. Group name;

  2. Description;

  3. Add users to this group by searching them by email. You can invite only internal users who have access to this workspace;

Then click Save button.

How to set a group to a company component

You just need to select the necessary group while creating company component on the appropriate field:

Trackwill note: You can't select public group to campaigns - they can only be created at custom or private workgroups !!!!

And click Save button.

How to edit workproups

Click on the Pen button to edit groups:

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