Standart metrics overview

Clicks - the number of clicks on ads, or the number of clicks to the tracker.

Impressions - the number of times your ads were shown, how many times users saw your ad.

Conversions - the number of conversions(all types).

Payout - the cost that the affiliate network pays for each lead.

CTR = Clicks / Impression * 100%. An indicator of how often your ad is clicked.

LP Clicks -the number of clicks from the lander to an offer

LP CTR =Landing page clicks on offer / Visits * 100%. An indicator of how often users switch from landing to offer.

CR = Conversions / Visits * 100%. Conversion rate, how often the user converts.

CPC / CPV - the total cost of one click purchased in the traffic source. As well as a pay-per-click traffic purchase model.

EPC / EPV - income from one click purchased in a traffic source. The higher the conversion (CR), the higher the EPV. If EPV> CPV, then your advertising campaigns are profitable.

Revenue - the amount of funds received for payment of conversions as part of an advertising campaign.

Costs - the amount of money spent on the purchase of traffic for an advertising campaign.

ROI (Return Of Investment) = (Revenue - Costs) / Costs * 100%. Profitability level of your advertising campaign. If ROI> 0%, then the campaigns are profitable, if it is 0, then you get exactly as much as you spend on buying traffic. In the case when the ROI <0%, your campaign is unprofitable.

CPM - is a traffic buying scheme in which the buyer pays for the number of impressions (usually per thousand). Also, this term refers to the actual cost per thousand impressions.

CPA - pay per action. For example, for a sale (CPS), registration, filling out a form (CPL), installing an application (CPI), etc. They also call the entire CPA scope.

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