Custom Traffic Source Configuration in Trackwill

In this guide we will show you how to set up Custom Traffic Source in several steps in Trackwill

Creating a Traffic Source from a Custom template means that you will have to manually fill all the necessary information needed to correctly match traffic source platform data with Trackwill. Before you start, please, check the traffic source documentation for configuring details.

Step 1. Create Traffic Source from a Custom template

To do this, go to the Traffic Network tab and click Create button. Then click on Custom template:

After that set the Traffic Source name, Workgroup=Public. Without this data, you will not be able to save Traffic Source.

Step 2. Traffic Source Postback URL

At this step we will speak about Postback URL and Available URL tokens:

To send conversion data to the traffic source set the postback link in the field above. In Trackwill, a postback URL request to the traffic source is performed when a conversion has been successfully registered within the related Trackwill campaign. All tokens, that you can use in the postback link available in tags below. You can edit your postback link by clicking on these tags and they will automatically update the postback URL.

Step 3. Advanced parameters

The Advanced parameters allow you to pass additional visit characteristics from the traffic source platform, for example, impessionid or userID, that can be then used for targeting and optimization. All of them are automatically appended to the Campaign URL. Also, you can dynamically tune advanced parameters by using blue switches on the right side of the Traffic Source creation popup:

When all necessary information is completed, click Save button.

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